Dr. Paul Curcio – Local Chiropractor Spotlight

Dr. Paul Curcio, a chiropractor of Chiropractic Family Healthy Centre, helps locals improve their overall health. Dr. Paul is well known in Centreville, Va., for his chiropractic expertise, charity work, friendliness and professionalism. The below testimonial will shed light on why this outstanding doctor is in today’s spotlight. “The Curcios have a wonderful clinic. Dr. […]


The Many Benefits Of Chiropractic Care

According to the many proponents of chiropractic care, there are a number of benefits that patients receive. Some experts claim that the following benefits have been documented:

• balance and reaction times
• enhanced cardiovascular health
• lung capacity retention
• visual acuity improvements

Additionally, there are a number of short-term benefits that include an enhanced quality of life, improved range of motion in the joints, and pain reduction which is oftentimes viewed as the primary benefit of chiropractic care. Most individuals who visit a chiropractor on a regular basis do so for the relief of pain in the arms, lower back, neck, and spine.


Dr. Paul Curcio – Fairfax, VA Spotlight

Dr. Paul Curcio of Fairfax, VA, is still receiving rave reviews for his service. RateMDs.com allows clients to personally give feedback in order for locals to find a quality doctor. One review states “My experience at CFHC was very impressive. The whole process was quick and easy. I especially liked the new Bio-scan device that they have which can give you a complete and non-intrusive analysis of all of your body’s functions. I would highly recommend Dr. Curcio to anyone looking for professional chiropractic care.” Dr. Paul Curcio, of Fairfax, VA, deserves recognition for the charitable and honorable man he truly is.