Tip for the day to minimize whiplash injuries

Today’s tip is a simple one: make sure your seat is upright and the head rest touches the top of your head.  If the headrest position is not appropriate, it will not help you during a collision and the 2 sequelae are as follows……….
1. Headrest too high- serves no purpose to protect the cervical spine during impact.
2. Headrest too low, the headrest can actually increase the risk of injury. The laws of physics will tell you that the low headrest acts as a fulcrum and can place your neck in a more compromised position, thereby increasing the risk of injury.

Good positioning is critical

Rule :
The top of the restraint should reach at least as high as the top of your ears and the rest should be positioned 4 inches of less to the back of your head. **
Employing these simple strategies will ensure that you are maximally protected during an auto related accident.
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