Combining Essential Oils With Feng Shui For Your Best Health And Success

young living oilsFeng Shui is an ancient Chinese method of arranging the things in your life and home in the most beneficial way to encourage the free flow of energy and create the most optimal environment for your health and well-being. It involves how you orient the furniture in your home as well as what items to include for good energy and harmony. There have been hundreds of books written on the subject that range from simple tips for the beginner to make their homes look and feel more comfortable to complicated books that have instructions on how to follow some ancient cleansing and blessing techniques that will support the best life for the follower.

The purpose behind Feng Shui is to create a harmonious home, or  space where the body can be relaxed, healed, energized and renewed. This is accomplished by creating spaces where relaxation is automatic, good energy is unobstructed and can bring about health, prosperity and luck. Bad energy is disposed of by ritual or arrangement of the room combined with awareness and specific actions.

There are certain items that are beneficial to have around when thinking about decorating with Feng Shui methods and each is intended to stimulate different senses within the body for the ultimate benefit. When you combine pure essential oils with the decorating strategies designed to improve your environment, you can have some powerful assistance in making the life that you desire happen for you in your home.

Using essential oils in different areas of the home can promote positive feelings and bring about certain healthy “side effects” that are inherent in the oils. For instance, lavender and chamomile are relaxing oils that have a calming effect on nerves and have the property to be uplifting in mood as well. Using a spray infused with these oils in the bedroom can create a space that is inviting and soothing to be in and can bring about feelings of general well-being when in such a room.

Of course the list goes on and on for the combinations of decorating tips and essential oil usage for the home. It would be impossible to go into full detail about each oil and its determined benefit but small amounts of information can be found on some websites. This is an effective way to discover what you most want to invite into your life and then make it happen.