Beat Stress With The Help Of Therapeutic Oils

Therapeutic OilsStress is a known killer in our society. It can be the underlying cause of heart disease, high blood pressure, suppressed immune system function and many other diseases and conditions. We are a nation of hurried, stressed overscheduled people that resort to quick fixes and fast food to get us through the days to the nights where we don’t even sleep well because of the effects that stress has had on our bodies.

It’s important to manage stress in our daily lives if we are going to live to be a healthy old age. There are many different things that can be done throughout the day to bring us back into balance and keep stress from chipping away at our good health. The most obvious way to control stress is by being more aware in our daily activities. We need to be aware of how we react to different situations that we encounter and be able to put things into perspective. When faced with stressful situations at work, with a difficult boss or co-workers, it’s helpful to take a deep breath, close the eyes and concentrate on the breath coming in and going out of the body. If you carry a handkerchief that has a few drops of lavender oil on it in your pocket, you can inhale from it for an extra calming effect.

It’s important to have a good diet in order to combat the effects of stress. If your body is not nourished daily with the healthy food it needs to rebuild and repair cells that are damaged by stress, pollution, aging and other factors, the immune system can be compromised and illness can take hold much easier than if there is a strong immune system. Including eucalyptus oil in a diffuser can boost the immune system in tandem with a good diet for disease fighting strength.

With premium therapeutic oils you can encourage mental clarity and energy every day to promote feelings of well-being and keep negative thoughts at bay. A positive attitude goes a long way at warding off stress and its negative effects. Using an unscented base cream, add a few drops of ginger, cedar, juniper, orange and peppermint. Blend well and use as a hand and face cream for a little boost of energy throughout the day or anytime you need a positive boost. The action of massaging the cream into your hands is relaxing and the aroma from the oils is stimulation in a natural, gentle way for an effective pick-me-up.

Make a bath salt mixture for a soothing bath at the end of a long day. The warm water will relax muscles and lower blood pressure. When you add essential oils to a pound of Epsom salts and mix well, adding to the bath at the beginning, you will find it is a mixture that relieves stress and reduces the feelings of fatigue. Add 3 drops of orange oil, 2 drops of clary sage, 2 drops of coriander, 1 drop of helichrysum, 1 drop of jasmine, and one drop of vetiver. Use one cup of the Epsom salt mixture to a tubful of warm water for a relaxing bath that will leave you feeling less fatigued.

Relieving stress is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies and it should not be something that is neglected in the interest of time. It’s important to make it a priority every day. Using essential oils throughout the day in various applications can help us manage the stress that we are subjected to and make us happier and healthier.

Dr. Tammy Cashion