PC Matic Computer Protection

Does PC Matic really protect computers?

PC MaticI have been using PC Matic on all of my computers for both business and personal use for over a year. I had tried all of the top brands and was always having some sort of issue that they were supposed to correct or protect against. After 25 years of using various top name products I decided to give PC Matic a try. It has been a great experience, not only has it protected my computers from all kind of evil bugs, worms and attacks, it has also improved the performance both online and offline.

There is now one product that performs all of the maintenance to ensure that your computers are running at peak performance and stability while providing maximum security. All for a reasonable price.

PC Matic provides the best protection against modern threats by utilizing a white list that allows only trusted applications to run and blocking the polymorphic viruses that escape most security products today. PC Matic also blocks annoying adware and PC Matic automatically closes the security holes in software such as Java and Flash. PC Matic provides many layers of security that traditional security products do not.

Security software is notorious for providing security at the expense of PC performance. PC Matic makes sure that your PC is always running at optimal performance – prolonging the usable life of the device.

PC Matic is developed and supported in the United States by PC Pitstop LLC. PC Pitstop was founded in November 1999, and made its reputation as a very popular web site for diagnosing common computer problems in performance and security.

How is PC Matic’s security different?
• Blocks Modern Polymorphic Threats
PC Matic employs a white list that allows PC Matic to block far more threats than traditional security products.
• Closes Software Vulnerabilities
PC Matic automatically closes the security holes in common software such as Java and Flash.
• Executes Quietly in the Background
PC Matic’s real time protection provides superior protection but not at the expense of performance.
• Blocks Adware
Sad to say that most security product don’t protect against adware. PC Matic does.
• Detailed Reporting
PC Matic provides detailed reporting on the security and maintenance status of all your computers.

• Defragments disks
• Updates drivers
• Fixes software vulnerabilities
• Updates common software automatically
• Cleans registry
• Removes junk files
• Optimizes broadband
• Scans and cleans security threats
• Measures performance with a benchmark suite
• Protects absolutely against modern security threats
• Optimizes SSD
• Deactivates unnecessary Windows tasks
• Removes unnecessary start up applications
• Disables resource hogging start up services
• Accelerates downloads in FF and IE
• Maintain and manage your PCs remotely
• Schedule computer maintenance automatically
• Detailed maintenance, security, and performance reporting
• Easy to use

Hope this information was useful