How to Use your Facebook Business Page

Facebook business pageCreating a Facebook page for your small business consists of three main areas. The first area that you must address is the About Me page. This page is similar to the About Us page that you have on your website and the site does no limit the amount of information you can add to your page. This is the page that answers any questions your customers have about your business. List your hours of operation, the address of your business, your website address, and a short history of your company.

Focus on the areas that make your business unique. Even if you have a lot of competition in your neighborhood, there is always something that makes you different. If you run a gardening business, then explain all of the services that you provide and why your business is different from your competitors. Do not list your competitors by name, as you risk a potential lawsuit. The other company might sue you for liable or slander, simply because you made a rude comment on Facebook. Your Facebook page is something that customers look at when searching for information about your products online and you want it to be strong.

The next stage of your Facebook page is your photo section. Facebook lets you upload photos and tag people in those photos. Adding your employees and former customers to your page is a fun way to spread the word about your company. You turn your Facebook page into web marketing by tagging workers and customers in your photos. When friends of those people see the photo and click on it, it takes them to your page and they can learn more about what you do and provide. Posting photos of events that you sponsored or took part in, and posting pictures of your past work makes your page more impressive.

The last area of your small business page that requires work is the wall area. When someone clicks on your Facebook page, it loads your wall. You have small updates that you can post on your wall and Facebook lets you add links to videos, websites, and articles. The wall is the perfect place to update people about your newest products, sales that you have planned, marketing promotions, and special events. You can even offer exclusive discounts that customers can only find and use by finding and reading your Facebook page.

Bill Norton