Build Customer Loyalty

Customer LoyaltyThe first thing that you learn when it comes to running a small business is the importance of customer loyalty. Customer loyalty or brand loyalty refers to the way in which customers continue returning to a specific business because of how that business makes them feel. When your customers are happy and have a pleasant experience, they are more likely to keep shopping with you. A business cannot exist on constant turnover of customers, especially in smaller areas. As you move through your customers, you quickly run out of shoppers. Stores that rely solely on new customers regularly coming in are doomed to fail and most fail within a few years.

Building customer loyalty starts with your physical location. Whether you have a storefront or an office, you want customers to feel welcome and comfortable from the moment they walk inside the doors. Professional business coaching experts can help you create an inviting feeling simply by choosing the right colors in your lobby. If you already have a business, then look around your lobby and pretend that it is the first time you are seeing it. How would you feel looking at it? Adding a few plants and comfortable chairs can go a long way towards making customers feel better.

Rewarding your customers through a loyalty program is another way to build customer loyalty. Loyalty programs reward those customers that shop with you regularly. Some companies use plastic cards, complete with a bar code that scans at the register. Other companies use a paper card that the employees punch every time a customer visits the store. Customers earn rewards just for shopping and using your company. For example, you might offer a customer a $10 gift card after they spend $200 in your store, or offer a $5 coupon once the customer spends $100.

Passing out customer surveys is one way that companies create marketing campaigns because they view customer responses to specific questions when building a new campaign. Use the same idea of a customer survey, but ask questions about how your customers feel regarding your storefront, your employees, and even your prices. Many stores are surprised at how customers feel. Make the survey anonymous, by letting customers mail the survey back to your store. When customers know that they can say whatever they want without worrying about what you think, they are more likely to be completely honest with their responses

Bill Norton