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"The Friend Garden" Children's Book

A new children's book by Kim Black and Ana Buckmaster, The Friend Garden is a beautiful story about making and nourishing friendships through kindness... this story is about a young girl who moves to a new town [more]

Tip for the day to minimize whiplash injuries

Today's tip is a simple one: make sure your seat is upright and the head rest touches the top of your head.  If the headrest position is not appropriate, it will not help you during a collision and the 2 sequelae are [more]

Can vegetarian diets help you lose weight?

New study done by the  Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic, January 2015 shows that : A vegetarian diets can boost weight loss. According to a new meta-analysis, a vegetarian diet can cause weight loss, [more]

Blood donors beware

The National Institutes of Health have determined that maintaining optimum levels of iron in the blood is especially important. They estimate that 25-35% of regular donors develop and iron deficiency that can lead to [more]

5 Tips to Boost Creativity at Work

With constant advances in technology and an increasingly globalized market, it’s more important than ever to create innovative ways of doing things. Introducing creativity to the workplace can be difficult given the [more]

Crypto Currency, Digital Currency, Bitcoin, Altcoin... What???

Crypto Currency, Digital Currency, Bitcoin, Altcoin... What??? In a recent poll, 65% of people surveyed had never even heard of Bitcoin, of those that were familiar with it 80% had never used it… so what is it? In a nutshell, Bitcoin is a digital currency or crypto [more]

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Mortgage?

Closing a mortgage loan in Greensboro, N.C., will vary depending on the type of mortgage being … [Read More...]

Cheryl VanAtta the Jewel of Tharp Funeral Home

Tharp Funeral Home has a jewel in Cheryl VanAtta. Cheryl brought light into our lives when my mother … [Read More...]

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“The Friend Garden” Children’s Book

A new children's book by Kim Black and Ana Buckmaster, The Friend Garden is a beautiful story about … [Read More...]

Burlington Ballet Announces 2014 Winter Concert

Burlington Dance Center Located in Alamance County, NC, home to Burlington Ballet Company has just … [Read More...]

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Local Funeral Home Exceeds Expectations

Tharp Funeral Home and Cremation Services is one of the only independent family-owned and operated funeral homes in the Lynchburg, Bedford, Smith … [Read More...]

Dr. Tammy Cashion Recommendation

Dr. Tammy Cashion Recommendation "I met Dr. Tammy Cashion close to 20 years ago when I needed a chiropractor. She was great, so I took my 3 boys … [Read More...]

Dr. Tammy Cashion Endorsement

 "Dr. Tammy Cashion is a highly knowledgeable and passionate supporter of her profession. She writes and shares freely of her expertise and experience … [Read More...]

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